Publish with Whispering ink

So you are filled with creativity
and you'd like to publish
with Whispering ink...
here's what you can expect.
Wi seeks to support
the creative spirit
and wishes to provide its artists
with a generous way
to support the pursuit
of writing, illustrating, and poetry.
That means...
For Ebook/PDF Renditions: 90% of profits go to the artist.
For Audio Versions: 90% of profits go to the artist.
For Paperbacks: 70% of profits go to the artist.
After overhead is covered for the fiscal year,
residual profits that aren't part
of the artist's percentage
go towards an altruistic cause.
Each artist chooses where to
direct such funds
and can be seen
on each individual artist's page.
So by publishing a book
published by Whispering ink
... you can directly
for yourself
and at the same time
act compassionately
and assist others!
The idea is simple:
what goes around
comes around.
May the quiet