Creative Writers, Illustrators, & Poets

Whispering ink_eyeWhispering ink features some rather creative individuals who are passionate about writing, illustrating, and storytelling.

Each offers a unique perspective with a lens aimed at piquing the imagination.

Check out their respective pages under the dropdown menu of "Creative Writers, Illustrators, & Poets page"...!


Know that as patron of Wi:
For Ebooks/PDF files:
90% of profits go to the artist.
For Paperbacks:
70% of profits go to the artist.
For Audio Renditions: 
90% of profits go to the artist.

Each artist chooses where to
direct such funds
and can be seen
on each individual artist's page.
So by purchasing a book
published by Whispering ink
... you can directly
and at the same time
act compassionately
and assist others!
The idea is simple:
what goes around
comes around.
May the quiet
Wi is a place where
creative writers,
and poets
can peddle words and imagery
and be rewarded
with a greater audience
who wish to support
their respective,
personal endeavors
to create,
to assimilate,
to perpetuate,
the creative spirit
that urges
our collective passion
forth and into the world.