Conscious Capitalism

Conscious capitalism 
For the love of humanity,
 an altruistic individual
gives time/energy/$ 
to maintain momentum
for horse-sense practicality
and sustainable infrastructures
for a global community.

As a collective of thoughtful individuals,
we can make a difference
in global welfare
by focusing
on the roots of change:
self-aware individuals,
local economies,
and infrastructures
that genuinely strive
for sustainability
with    r-e-s-p-e-c-t   
to the environment and our neighbors.
We can support 
such individuals/organizations
with analogous intentions
and funnel our time/energy/$
to collectively and efficiently
organize around viable infrastructures  

This pART of Wi’s website
is designed to promote
the sharing of fact,
thought and beliefs
related to the (r)evolution
of human beings
through the use of
c o n s c i o u s
c a p i t a l i s m.  
The mission 
is aimed at
creating awareness
on a 
 w  o  r  l  d - w  i  d  e 
and to act
in the following manner:

A basic method
for individuals
local communities to find
a sustainable balance
on a global scale; 
To learn more
about what you can do,
right now,
to improve global welfare
and/or become
a global citizen (for reals),
where you can plug into a project
that speaks to you.

Participate, cultivate, educate,
and see what you can do 
to be pART of a
( r ) e v o l u t i o n a r y 
 c h a n g e.

A site map
of connections for individuals,
health providers,
conscious capitalists,
and stewards of the earth
to explore viable
and sustainable options
for personal health and expression,
community infrastructures,
and strategies for global reunification.

This arena will serve
as conduit for individuals
seeking a basic set of tools
(from fresh food
to exercise
to clean environments),
in order to achieve
a quality state of harmony
for self and planet (see: poetry).
Here one
will navigate ideas/systems and
(with small, substantial changes
in food and lifestyle choices)
become a steward of Mother Earth
and a global citizen.

the far-reaching goal for this pART
of Wi’s website
is to continue to promote
conscious capitalism
(especially more globally)
and to steward changes
that leave Mother Earth available, 
from sea to shining sea,
for all future generations to enjoy.

As a dynamic resource,
this pART of Wi
is geared towards
a collective of leaders
(and vigilant followers),
healers, and global citizens,
so that we
can combine our expertise
across the board 
to undertake
the unwieldy issues of today.
It is through sharing
of ideas and active dialogue
that we are able
to enable one another
to incorporate
and thus achieve personal potentials
and harmonic global policies.