Poetry Books by Azalea Hazelwood

 Azalea Hazelwood, 
 a performance poet and farmer, 
 (r)evolves around 
 the practicality 
 of DiY living 
 her time 
 to sustainable 
 tugs upon 
 creating a unique, 
 multi-dimensional voice 
 in a paperbound world. 
 She desires to see 
 continue the 
 time-honored tradition 
 of inspiring others. 
 And it’s 
 easy to imagine 
 such a   s p a c e 
 in Azalea’s poetry, 
 and in turn 
 and written word. 
 She shares her poetry 
 with sporadic 
 where sidewalks begin 
 and at open mic scenes 
 across the U S of A.